Shelter Board Reviews Options for New Facility [SLIDE SHOW]

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By: Elizabeth Nickerson
April 8, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - The Shelter board announced on Monday that The Shelter will be moving to a new facility.The Shelter Board says the old location will be knocked down.

The board met with the consultants to help improve policies and procedures at the haven for the homeless.

As they search for a new place, the board will be addressing issues brought to them by shelter residents, like space and staffing - starting next month.

"Our intention is to review pretty much all aspects of The Shelter, its operations and its board and to talk about how it can be improved to provide better services to homeless people in the community" said James Wright, The Shelter Consultant.

The board will be working with the City of Tallahassee, Leon County and the United Way of the Big Bend to make the changes.

Press Release: United Way of the Big Bend

The Board of Directors of The Tallahassee-Leon Shelter, Inc. has entered into discussions with the City, County, and United Way of the Big Bend about placing priority attention on identifying a new site for The Shelter to locate its operations and services.

The Shelter board feels that new, larger facilities would better serve the growing population of at-risk individuals in our community. The Shelter board understands that the replacement facilities will most likely be in a new location and the group will continue to work with volunteers to ensure that no interruption of services occurs through this process.

“We have been reviewing sites for The Shelter for two years, and now with the help of the City, County and United Way of the Big Bend, this move will become a reality,” said Debbie Holt, chair of The Shelter’s board. “We pledge to cooperate fully with public and private partnerships aimed at providing new facilities for the homeless in Leon County and creating a stronger continuum of care to better provide services for the clients that we are dedicated to helping.”

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