Sheriff Candidates Face Off For The Third Time In 2012 Election

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Grady County, GA - October 1, 2012

The incumbent Harry Young and Earl Stuckey are running against each other for a third time in the 2012 race for Grady County Sheriff.

If reelected, Young will do what no other sheriff has done in over 50 years.

He would be the first sheriff to serve three consecutive terms in Grady County.

"I hope they got enough trust in me and look at my record and know what I can do for Grady County and what I hope to do," said Sheriff Young.

Young's challenger, Stuckey, served 1.5 years as assistant police chief in Whigham, Georgia. He also has 35 years experience as a business owner.

"People are beginning to see, since this economic crunch has come along, that a good strong businessman in a political office is not a bad thing," said Stuckey.

Both candidates have high hopes of what they can contribute to Grady County. They agree cracking down on crime is a top priority.

"Number one, I want to keep the people safe in this county," said Young. "That's what my goal is; to make Grady County the safest County in Georgia."

Stuckey added," "It's going to take a good, strong sheriff's department to combat these problems, and I hope I can build a good department to put this crime at bay as best we can."

Young and Stuckey will face off in a debate on October 11th at the Roddenbery Memorial Library in Grady County.