Holiday Frenzy Causes Shoppers to Forget Holiday Meals

Tallahassee, FL - December 22, 2012

The stress of the holidays are making shoppers forget about cooking that meal or other special promotions in place that will help ease shopping stress.

Its crunch time and shoppers are rushing into the mall to get last minute gifts for their loved ones. However, what they don't remember to do is cook the important meal that will help bring in holiday cheer.

Some shoppers are so stressed about the season that they are simply forgetting to cook. Holiday shopper, Monica Brown, can relate.

"I'm always a last minute shopper and its very stressful this time of year because you don't have enough room to shop,"

Some shoppers share words of wisdom to avoid the stress.

"Well this is advice that was given to me by my mother. She shops all year and has a gift closet and when she has to give a gift she goes to the gift closet . So i started that this Christmas," said Emily Hunt, a holiday shopper.

When it comes to shoppers who are too busy to cook, companies across the U.S. like Honey Baked Ham know exactly how to pitch in and help to make the holidays special.

Honey Baked Ham is a company that will prepare hams and other holiday table favorites for special occasions and other functions throughout the year for a fee. They also offering catering throughout the year.

Getting a helping hand from food companies isn't the only luxury afforded to frazzled holiday shoppers, major retailers are helping ease the stress as well.

For shoppers looking to wrap up holiday shopping, Macy's will be open for 48 leading up to Christmas.