Shoppers Line Up For Holiday Food

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A steady stream of customers made their way through the Honey Baked Ham store on Capital Circle in Tallahassee.

The owner's mother, who goes by Grandma Dee, helped point customers to the next available clerk.

"Everybody, even the customers are in a good mood," said Grandma Dee. "And they put the old lady in charge so that nobody would hit me," she joked. "So they figure you put somebody younger, you might have a bit of a rustle," she said.

"And even though there's only one of me, I have enough ham to feed the homeless as well," said Honey Baked Ham shopper Shellie Shelton.
"It's a wonderful day," she said.

Grandma Dee says the last three days before Christmas have been the busiest days of the year at Honey Baked Ham.

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