Shortage of Ammo at The Tallahassee Gun Show

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By: Elizabeth Nickerson

April 28, 2013

Tallahassee, FL--Got ammo? Not many people do. The backlash from the gun control proposal is still taking full-effect. It caused many people back in January at the Tallahassee Gun Show to stock up.

"I see the shortages of ammo," said David Bremer, a gun owner.

Now, weapon vendors have shortages of all their products. At Sunday's gun show, in the North Florida Fairgrounds, vendors expressed their concerns about the delay's, especially on ammo.

The biggest problem we have now is inventory," said Eddie Monk, a gun vendor. "The manufactures got behind during the rush and they are kind of struggling to catch up, so when we order things after a show, we are not able to get our products back in for the next show,"

"People have found out that it can be nearly stopped because of the demand," said George Poulitte, a gun vendor. "So they are hoarding ammunition,"

Although, people are still buying in bulk. Vendor's say the frenzy is over.

"It seems to have slowed down," said Monk. "There was some panic buying and that seems to have subsided,"

Vendor's say it may have something to do with the Senate rejecting the expanded background checks.

"People are no longer as scared as they were to lose that second amendment due to the action that the senate did they turned down this background check," said Poulitte. "It doesn't mean that it's over."

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