Should We Allow Teachers to Carry Weapons?

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The founder of the Tallahassee Stop the Violence community action group Markeshia Harvey says she was heartbroken over the shootings in Newtown, Connecticut last week.

"These were innocent children that were just getting sent to school that didn't get a chance to come home," said Harvey.

The tragedy prompted Florida's Rep. Dennis Baxley to suggest that the legislature look at allowing teachers to be armed.

"In a way it's kind of still promoting violence, to a child that doesn't understand when they see a teacher with a gun, and it's ok, they're going to feel like this is someone that I look up to, and it's ok what they're doing, so I need a gun too," said Harvey after hearing about the statement.

Rep. Baxley backed off of the comments Wednesday, saying in a statement: "Our focus should be on the victims and their loved ones. Out of respect for them, we should not politicize a national tragedy. There will be plenty of time for debate in the near future."

Even with Rep. Baxley's comments, no legislation has been filed in the House or Senate since the shooting.

Representatives for Leon County schools did not want to comment, but the employee handbook says no teacher or employee can carry a weapon at school unless they're also in law enforcement.

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