Lower Speed Limit, Safer Streets

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By: Elizabeth Nickerson

February 22, 2013

Crawfordville, FL-- The Community Traffic Safety Team in Wakulla County is taking action to lower the speed limit in front of the Wakulla Middle School.

"Have a school zone set up on US 98, but nothing within the subdivision and we have a lot of fast traffic in here," said Keith Blackmar, from the Wakulla County Sheriff's Office. "We have a lot of high school kids dropping off brother and sisters to school."

"It would be 20 all the way from Highway 98 into the school to the second entrance," said a Spokesperson from the Wakulla County Superintendent's Office.

Right now, the speed limit is 25 miles per hour. When it changes, it will be lowed by five.

The team says, If residents want to voice there complaints about speeding their area, they need to first speak with law enforcement.

The Wakulla County Superintendent's Office says, "Anytime you get those cars to slow down more than they are already going is very important."

"A car could do a lot of damage to a student that is moving," said Blackmar. "If we can lower that some, it's huge."

In order for the new rezoning to take place, The CTST will need to seek approval from the County Commission, since it is a county road.

The new rezoning is in the beginning stages. If the team gets granted the approval, the rezoning will be done by the end of April 2013.

The Committee Traffic Safety Team is planning to put in a sidewalk connecting Wakulla Middle School to the Recreation Center to make the area even safer.

So, when you are cruising down the streets in front of the middle school, slow down. It's the law--even more so than before.

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