Small Local Businesses Hope to Benefit from Tax-Free Holiday

By: Lanetra Bennett
August 1, 2014

Bainbridge, GA - The tax-free holiday shopping weekend is underway in Georgia and Florida.

With all of the heavy traffic expected in stores this weekend, smaller retailers say they're hoping to reap some of the benefits.

Randee Eubanks, the manager of Bella's Boutique in Bainbridge, Georgia, says things haven't been booming too much over the summer. She says, "We were a little slower because we felt like people were going to Tallahassee, Dothan, Albany, surrounding areas to do their back-to-school shopping."

But, then came along the tax-free holiday! "We have definitely seen an increase in traffic." Eubanks, says.

Small business owners and workers hope an increase in traffic continues as shoppers take advantage of the sales tax exemption period.

Clothes, shoes, and accessories are tax-free up to $100 per item.
School supplies up to $15 per item.
The first $750 of the total price of computers and hardware are tax-free.

Megan Kelley works at A to Z Boutique in Bainbridge Square. She says, "It is a little challenging. You know, small business, small town. It's important to support the local businesses because you're letting your community grow; instead of helping the bigger businesses that do have a lot of money. You're putting it back into your community."

Many local stores are also holding additional sales on top of the tax-free.

"Come shop this weekend with us." Kelley, says.

The tax-free holiday is August 1 - 2 in Georgia and August 1 - 3 in Florida.

There's more information on what falls under the tax-free category at www.myflorida/dor.

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