Sound Check For Cascades Park

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By: Matt Galka
September 10, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - The sound check for the Cascades Park amphitheater tested different levels of sound that could come from the future music venue. One local resident says the officials conducting the test weren't checking the right places. He reached out to us and would like to see the city re-do the test.

Mark Daniel owns the Cascades Apartment Complex down the street from the yet to be completed Cascades Park. He was at the sound check and walked along Van Buren street to see how it sounded close to houses. He took me on his walking route earlier today. Daniel says that the locations where microphones were placed weren't true representations of how neighbors would hear the sound.

Mark Daniel, Concerned resident: "I don't think it's an accurate measure of the sound, no. If you can't have direct sound coming to the microphone what's it measuring? just reflected sound off the trees in the background."

WCTV spoke with Wayne Tedder who is with the Tallahassee-Leon County planning department earlier by phone. He said that he was meeting with the group that conducted the test today.

Tedder said after the sound check they did want to be respectful to the neighborhood.

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