South American Company May Expand To Gadsden County

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By Matt Galka
September 3, 2013

Quincy, FL - The lonely looking building on strong road in Quincy was the "Printing House" four years ago. Now, South American businessman Jose Pons wants to pump out his aerosol products in the warehouse.

"We are making an effort to start a new venture here in Gadsden County," said Pons, the owner of Sicamu, Inc.

In order to start the business, codes had to be met and changed for the building. Businesses in the area, including a nursing home and apartments, were notified of the proposed plan.

Gadsden County Administrator Robert Presnell said there has been very little pushback for the company that will use chemicals for their products.

"Most of the concerns were what type of product will be stored on the grounds of the proposed facility, there were some questions of the volatility of the compounds, so we had to address those concerns," said Presnell.

Pons says the regulations are much stricter in this part of the world than where his other company is now.

"It's always a challenge to start a new business, and making it work, it has many implications, you have to face new regulations and regulations in the United States are very complicated they are more demanding than anywhere else in the world," said Pons.

The Gadsden County Planning and Zoning commission voted for the plan with a nine to one vote. If the site change plan is approved by the commission, Pons plans on hiring 35-45 local employees for jobs averaging $35,000 annually for salaries.

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