South Ga. Woman Accused Of Stealing Thousands Through Identity Theft

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By: Kara Duffy
May 7, 2013

Bainbridge, GA- Investigators uncovered dozens of documents, filled with personal information inside a home along the 300 block of Goodson Road in Camilla, Georgia. The problem was none of that information belonged to the person living there.

"We uncovered numerous names, social security numbers, dates of births, along with credit card applications and tax returns from numerous victims," said Investigator Chip Nix with Bainbridge Public Safety.

Investigators say after receiving numerous fraudulent complaints from citizens, including an elderly man, they were able to trace the online purchases back to 33-year-old Ivory Lawton.

"Through the search we were able to obtain a lot of the merchandise still in the packages that she had purchased using our victim's information," Nix said.

Detectives say it's still too early in the investigation to know exactly how much money Lawton racked up on the credit cards, but as of now, they estimate the total to be somewhere in the thousands.

They say they're also looking at the possibility of Lawton being associated with dozens of other identity thefts throughout Georgia.

"We've been in contact with different federal services, along with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and Albany Police Department on tentatively making more arrests in the case," Nix said.

Lawton was charged with identity theft and financial transaction card fraud, both felonies.

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