Special Needs Kids Go To Prom

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By: Emily Johnson
February 14, 2014

Tallahassee, FL - The scene at Thomas County Central High School was a lot different than usual today. The gymnasium was filled with dancing and tunes from DJs On The Go and with special needs children showing off their smooth moves. The Pelham High School special needs class even wore matching uniforms that stated "Team Bring It."

Thomas County Central High has been holding their Special Needs Prom for seven years and each year they have more than 400 kids attend. "The kids look forward to this, this is something they look forward too. They start emailing me in December the teachers do saying this is something our kids are looking forward too," said Alma Simmons, Dance Coordinator.

Simmons picks out a theme for the dance every year. This year the theme was Mardi Gras. Becky West said her sister made her mask. She said her favorite part of the dance is, "shaking my booty."

West and Nick Casey are seniors at Thomas County Central High. They've been in the Special Ed program with Coach Todd Wilson for six years. This is the last time they will get to attend the prom and Coach Wilson said he's sad to see them leave. "To get to this point in their life where their fixing to graduate, it's really going to be heart breaking to me to actually see them leave."

Casey said he's going to certainly miss days like this. "I like being here with my class and my teacher Coach Wilson."

It was a fun day for everyone at the prom with not only dancing but food and punch to be served. Simmons said she starts planning for next years Special Needs Prom right away.

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