Special Olympians Compete For Medals In Thomasville

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A parade of athletes circled the track in Thomasville today.

200 special Olympians competed for medals in ten sports including bocce ball.

The athletes came from Thomas County, Grady County, Mitchell-Baker County and Albany.

It's a chance for them to showcase their skills, make new friends and experience the thrill of victory!

"They have a lot of passion for it, and they enjoy doing it, They try hard, and most of them get all excited about it when they win, and they love their ribbons. This is a joyed day for them," said Elizabeth Elzy, Special Olympics board member.

The competition, including tracks, softball and volleyball, took place at Thomas County Central.

The parade of athletes, complete with banners and cheering crowds, was featured on the stadium jumbo-tron for all to see!

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