Speed Hump Installation

By: Charlene Cristobal
July 10, 2014

HAVANA, Fla. -- 'Children at Play' hasn't applied to Southwest 5th Street for almost two years, and speeding cars are to blame.

According to local resident Theresa Lurry, she's had to keep her daughter from playing outside because of the fast cars. "I have a daughter that's 10 and she loves to ride her bike," Theresa says. "You have to be careful with the cars and stuff. So, with the people speeding up and down the road, [it] was causing a lot of problems. So, we stopped her from riding her bike."

Theresa has lived in this neighborhood for five years, and said she and a neighbor petitioned for speed humps to be installed for two years before the city finally took notice.

"Whenever people really aren't paying attention and think that nobody's on the road at the time, some people just fly by going that way," says local resident Korben Cogland, who lives at the beginning of the street. "The neighbor actually had a few cars hit his trashcan a few times."

"Everyone's seen a problem with it," Theresa says. "I'm glad they're gonna go ahead and do speed bumps to stop all the fast driving on the street."

If you want to get speed humps in your neighborhood there are a few things you need to do including getting 75% of your neighbors to sign a petition and ensuring that 85% of cars travelling your road must be going at least five over the posted speed limit. The full list of procedures is attached, it is generally the same process in Gadsden and Leon county.

According to Allen Secreast with the City of Tallahassee Public Works, the entire process from start to finish, would take anything from four to six months.

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