Speed Limit Could Increase On I-75 In Valdosta

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Winnie Wright
August 20, 2014

Valdosta, GA - Valdosta City Council will consider raising the speed limit on their portion of I-75 at Thursday night's meeting. According to the Traffic Management Department at The City, a GDOT survey recently found that most motorists are going faster than the posted limit of 65.

The speed limit used to be 70, but was lowered during construction last year, that has since ended.

"If you have 100 vehicles traveling at 70 to 72 miles per hour, that shows that the motorists are comfortable driving at that speed limit. If the accident rates do not increase, it's safe to assume that you can go ahead and increase that speed limit up to 70", says Larry Ogden, Traffic Manager for the City of Valdosta.

Ogden says increasing the speed limit would decrease the number of speeding tickets in the area.

GDOT conducted the traffic study, but The City will ultimately decide whether or not to increase the speed limit, because the interstate runs through the city.

Valdosta City Council meets Thursday night at 5:30 at City Hall.

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