St. Marks To Host Stone Crab Festival & Butterfly Festival This Weekend

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St. Marks, FL ---
Sharon Scarborough is already setting up for one of the biggest festivals in St. Marks. Every year, thousands of people make their way down to the small town to take part in the annual Stone Crab Festival.

Scarborough says it's an event you can't miss.

“I'm going to be giving away free clams to go away with the stone crabs so all I can say is come on down and enjoy the fun," says Scarborough.

And for local restaurant owners like Stanley West, the festival featuring stone crabs means more money.

"Here in St. Marks we have fishermen that bring them right into St. Marks and ship them out and we get them fresher than just about anybody around," says West.

Every year St. Marks has its annual stone crab festival to encourage folks to come down to St. Marks and enjoy delicious stone crabs.

City manager Zoe Mansfield says because of the economy, city officials don't expect the 13,000 people the festival saw last year or the $20,000 they bring, but St. Marks is still hoping for a good crowd and fun times.

"We have some fabulous seafood, some arts and crafts. We have things for the children. Absolutely wonderful. Come and see us," says Mansfield.

Come down to St. Marks this weekend to enjoy some fresh stone crabs and stop by the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge to enjoy the Monarch Butterfly Festival also happening this weekend.

About 3,000 people are expected to be at the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge Saturday for the annual Monarch Butterfly Festival.

Each year, folks come from all over to get a glimpse of these butterflies up close.

The monarch butterflies migrate to St. Marks from the north on their way to Mexico. The butterfly festival could bring up to $10,000 to the local economy. It’s Saturday from 10am-4pm.

To find out more about the monarch butterflies or the festival this weekend, call (850) 925-6121.

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