Stand Your Ground Forum

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By: Garin Flowers
October 17, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - FAMU is holding a stand your ground law forum with guest speakers including the father of Trayvon Martin.

The Stand Your Ground debate stemmed from the shooting death of Trayvon Martin and even though it was in Central Florida, people here and across the nation protested the arrest of George Zimmerman.

The forum is being held from 3:30 to 5:30 today in Lee Hall Auditorium and a question and answer session is being held with moderators.


Dr. Charles Ogletree, Harvard University Jesse Climenko Professor of Law, (via skype)
Attorney Benjamin Crump, Parks & Crump, LLC
Sybrina Fulton (Mother of Trayvon Martin)
Tracey Martin (Father of Trayvon Martin)
Willie Meggs, State Attorney, 2nd Judicial Circuit
Nancy Daniels, Public Defender, 2nd Judicial Circuit
Craig Brown, Criminal Defense Attorney
Josh Zelman, Criminal Defense Attorney
Sydney Upshaw-Cravey, President, Hatchett Pre-Law Society

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