Sharpton Leads March And Rally Over 'Stand Your Ground' Law [GALLERY]

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March 10, 2014

Tallahassee, FL - Thousands of Floridians across the state gathered in Tallahassee to say they're standing their ground.

Civil Rights Activist Reverend Al Sharpton led the crowd in a march to protest Florida's Stand Your Ground Law.

Tallahassee Police say they estimated about 2,500 people at Monday's march and rally.

Rev. Sharpton says this is protesters way of getting lawmakers' attention.

Rev. Sharpton walked arm-in-arm with the parents of Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis. He led them and a couple thousand others in a march in Tallahassee against Florida's Stand Your Ground Law.

Their chant turned from "Change the law!" to "Get rid of it, now!"

Dorothy Huppert traveled from Titusville, Florida, where she says a man came into her son's yard on Labor Day of 2012 and shot and killed her son and another man, and injured another.

Huppert says, "The law should at least state that a person has to have some type of a weapon and give them a chance to retreat. Crawling in my son's yard and firing 31 bullets in less than three minutes, is not standing your ground."

Wanda Norton is the mother of Reshard Morrell, who was killed in Tallahassee as a bystander at a teen party in Tallahassee.

Norton says, "My son didn't get killed by Stand Your Ground. But, we haven't gotten any justice for my son Reshard Morrell. I'm just here to
are parents that's here willing to stand by them through their pain."

Rev. Sharpton says, "Dr. King tore down the walls of segregation with marching. Marching doesn't solve a problem, it exposes a problem. This law is a problem."

The march started at the Leon County Civic Center just before 10:00 a.m. and ended with a rally at the Florida Capitol.

Bus loads of people from across Florida participated.

By: Andy Alcock
March 10, 2014

Florida is an "F" state.

Trayvon Martin's mother Sabrina Fulton made that comment at a rally to protest Florida's controversial "stand your ground" law.

"Florida has a problem and we need to help Florida fix their problem," said Fulton.

The 17 year old Martin was shot and killed during a fight with neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman two years ago.

The stand your ground law is designed to allow people to use deadly force if they reasonably believe it was necessary to avoid great bodily harm or death.

But the crowd of overwhelmingly African-American demonstrators believe like in the Martin case, the law has been improperly used to justify killing black teens.

"I didn't come down here to start trouble, I come down here to stop trouble," said Reverend Al Sharpton.

Speakers delivered their views from a podium with the capitol in the background and a fountain with dolphin statues in the foreground.

And the protesters may be swimming upstream against the political tide in Tallahassee.

State Representative Alan Williams' bill to repeal the law was defeated in committee in November.

And this session there are bills to expand gun laws, not restrict them.

They include allowing the firing of a warning shot for self protection.

"We're here because Florida is stuck on stupid," Congresswoman Corrine Brown told the demonstrators.

"I come too far from where I started from, I come too far to give up now," said Fulton.

The mother of Jordan Davis also spoke out against the stand your ground law.

Davis was killed when Michael Dunn shot into a car full of teens in an argument over loud music.

In this election year, demonstrators said if they can't change the law, they'll change the lawmakers.

Associated Press News Release

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) -- The Rev. Al Sharpton has led a group of several hundred people on a march to the state Capitol to protest Florida's "stand your ground" law.

Among the people who joined them Monday were Trayvon Martin's father and the family of Marissa Alexander, who was sentenced to 20 years for firing a gun near her estranged husband.

Florida law says people who are not involved in illegal activity have the right to stand their ground and meet force with force, including deadly force, if they reasonably believe it's necessary to avoid death or great bodily harm.

Martin was fatally shot by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman, who later was acquitted of second-degree murder.

Marchers planned to attend House and Senate criminal justice committee meetings later Monday.

News Release: National Action Network

Rev. Al Sharpton, President of National Action Network
Attorneys Benjamin Crump & Daryl Parks, Parks & Crump Attorneys at Law
Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, Parents of Trayvon Martin
Lucia McBath and Ron Davis, Parents of Jordan Davis
The family of Emmett Till
Tom Joyner, Host of The Tom Joyner Morning Show

Rev. Al Sharpton and the National Action Network will lead a march from the Tallahassee Leon Country Civic Center to the State Capitol to address 'stand your ground' laws. The parent's of Trayvon Martin, and their Attorney's Benjamin Crump and Daryl Parks, and the parent's of Jordan Davis, as well as the family of Emmett Till will join. The march will end with a rally at the Florida State Capitol building where Rev. Sharpton will be the keynote speaker.

Monday March 10 2014
March begins at 9:30AM

March begins at the Tallahassee Leon County Civic Center
505 W Pensacola St, Tallahassee, FL 32301.

The march ends and rally begins outside of the Florida State Capitol building 400 S. Monroe St., Tallahassee, Florida, FL 32301

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