State Agency Cracking Down on Agents at Pro Day

FSU UF Football Rivalry to Attract Visitors
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TALLAHASSEE, Fl -- College Football pro day at Florida State University is an annual event where hopeful future pros try to impress NFL scouts. But student athletes can also be targets of unlicensed sports agents; something the state is trying to stop.

"Number 1 we want to make sure they're licensed, and if they are that they do things properly, working through the university to make contact," said Jerry Wilson, the Director for Division of Regulation in Florida's Department of Business & Professional Regulation.

The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation has attended every pro day in Florida so far. An unlicensed agent could face a fine of up to $2500 and face felony charges, and possibly ruin a potential NFL career of a student athlete.

Even though some of the athletes trying to 'wow' the scouts won't be Seminoles next year, the FSU coaching staff knows how important proper representation can be.

FSU head football coach Jimbo Fisher says student athletes are educated on picking the right person to represent them in their career.

"It's one of the most critical points. We all want to pick an agent but we have to pick a quality agent because it's a decision you make, and the people you hang with says something about your character. We tell kids that when they grow up, and it's the same when a young man picks an agent," said Fisher.

An unlicensed agent representing an athlete could also lead to sanctions against the school through the NCAA. All agent credentials can be checked at

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