Race Heats Up for State Court Solicitor General of Lowndes County

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Valdosta, GA - As election day approaches, one of the races people have their eye on is the State Court Solicitor General of Lowndes County.

Neither candidate has ever been elected. The incumbent was actually appointed by the Georgia governor.

Last minute stragglers are mailing in their voter registration at the Valdosta Post Office on Perimeter Road, and when they're voting for Solicitor General, one candidate says he's tough on crime.

But his challenger says it's not so black and white.

He smiles at you as you drive around Valdosta from large bill boards.
But do you know who your Solicitor General is? Justin Cabral has served as the top Prosecutor for Misdemeanors in Lowndes for almost nine years.

CG Justin Cabral, Solicitor general: "I've prosecuted hundreds if not thousands of cases. I've tried the most jury trials of any candidate in this race. Everything from speeding cases to double homicides."

Cabral is native to the Philippines. He came to Valdosta at 15 and yes, he's a wildcat.

Justin Cabral: "I think that it helps that the solicitor general, the prosecutor of the state court of Lowndes County is a Career Prosecutor."

But Assistant Public Defender Jason Cain says it's not so simple.

Jason Cain, Challenger: "what I'm saying is each case can be looked at with a different eye. I don't think that each case coming through the solicitor's office in Lowndes county needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law."

Cain is a native of Lowndes county, born and raised. He lives with his wife and three kids in Hahira.

Jason Cain: "I believe I'm a more rounded candidate than my opponent. I've been a member of the Georgia bar for 18 years and I served in different capacities."

Again today is the deadline for voter registration in both Florida and Georgia, but the two states are not on the same schedule for Early Voting.

Early Voting starts October 15th in Georgia, October 27th in Florida, and of course the General Election is November 6th.