State Discusses Changes to Common Core Standards

By: Lanetra Bennett
January 14, 2014

Tallahassee, FL - Florida educators are proposing changes to the state's K through 12 standards, known as Common Core.

Tallahassee resident Caroline Ross says decisions made now will affect her eight month old daughter's education later. She says, "When it comes to Common Core, I think there are a lot of pros and cons."

The Florida Department of Education is working on what some consider the "cons" of Common Core. D.O.E. released 13 proposed changes to the English language arts standards and 33 changes to the math standards.

Referring to her daughter, Ross says, "As she gets older, I definitely want her to have teachers who have expectations and standards set in place on them as to how they're supposed to educate my child so that it continues to develop a standard for her."

During conference call workshops Tuesday to discuss the changes, D.O.E. administrators said most of the changes are clarifications. Nine are new standards.

D.O.E.'s Deputy Chancellor, Mary Jane Tappen, says one of the new standards is that kindergartners would use addition and subtraction to solve word problems "by using objects, drawings, and equations with symbols for the unknown numbers to represent the problem. Again, students are not required to independently read the word problem."

Demonstrating legible printing skills have been added for second graders and Calculus standards will be included for college readiness.

Administrators say the changes were suggested by teachers and from public comments.

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