State Health Officials Crack Down on Medicaid Marketing

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News Release: Associated Press
July 22, 2014

MIAMI (AP) -- State health officials are taking a cue from past problems and are banning health insurance companies from marketing their plans directly to Medicaid consumers as the state is rolling out a massive overhaul by transitioning millions into managed care.

Insurance companies are allowed to market to consumers under the contracts, but only if the state gives prior approval. The Florida Agency for Health Care Administration isn't approving any marketing events at this time.

State health officials have approved insurers' billboards, radio, bus stop ads and brochures at doctor's offices, but marketing at events like health fairs or any interaction where insurers are talking directly with consumers is forbidden for now.

Marketing Medicaid HMO coverage door-to-door was prohibited in Florida in 1995 after regulators saw people were enrolling in plans they didn't understand.

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