State Leaders Hear Concerns Over Wetlands, Net Regulations and Fishing Restrictions

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Net regulations, Wetlands and FWC restrictions - state leaders got an earful from Wakulla County residents Thursday night.

Representative Halsey Beshears and Senator Bill Montford invited people to a public hearing.

The goal was to allow residents to meet their legislators, discuss concerns, ask questions and offer comments for the upcoming legislative session.

Some fired up residents said Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission restrictions and net size regulations have caused their economy to suffer.

"I heard a lot of concerned citizens here tonight that at the end of the day they want, they need some help with some small county issues and they need some help with some of the fishing issues out there with FWC," said Rep. Halsey Beshears, (R) Monticello, FL.

Beshears also said he has faith in the local commissioners on handling issues in Wakulla County.

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