FSU State Of The University Address

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By: Garin Flowers
November 7, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - Florida State President Eric Barron talked about student success and school expansion at a State of the University speech this afternoon. President Barron held that speech at the Westcott building this afternoon. He touched on five major points-- excellence, engagement, efficiency, the classroom experience and getting involved in the community. More faculty, partnering with the community and job development-- are other goals FSU president Eric Barron laid out.

President Barron also hopes to build upon the growing College Town area. The president wants to move FSU from a top 40 to a top 25 institution and wants to improve the student to teacher ratio and career development.

But, there's one thing he said that really has people talking... Something he calls the 'Madison Mile'. From the Civic Center to Doak Campbell is a mile and part of that is Madison Street where College Town recently opened. He wants to continue to build around that area, specifically mentioning an FSU themed hotel so people can walk around and enjoy the area when visiting. He also wants to expand the business school by putting it near the Civic Center area. He says it's one of the fastest growing business schools in the country. This is all part of the 'Madison Mile' he envisions.

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