State Rep Files Bill to Rid Red Light Cameras; FL Organization Opposes

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The issue of red light cameras is nothing new, but once again it's on the hot seat.

State Representative Daphne Campbell (D)-Miami filed a bill to get rid of the cameras.

Thursday the Economic Affairs Committee will meet to discuss it.

The Florida League of Cities, based in Tallahassee, opposes the measure.

"This bill has been around for the last couple years, we thought that it may be coming back around again, we knew that we were gonna fight it," said Casey Cook, legislative advocate with the Florida League of Cities.

The League represents and advocates for Florida's 410 cities.

They say people running red lights is the #1 cause of urban car crashes.

"They reduce red light running, crashes are down and we think they are an important public safety tool that local governments can use to stop red light running," Cook said.

Representative Campbell released a statement saying, "For too long the red light cameras have been robbing low income people of their hard earned money."

She raises other issues:

- People are not receiving proper notice of the infraction.
- Notices are being lost in the mail or not properly delivered.
- And vehicles are being ticketed and not the actual driver of the car.

But, the League says the cameras save lives and send money to good causes.

"We think that it's all about safety and that local governments are using red light cameras to make their streets safer for Florida's 19 million residents."

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