Representative Proposes to Girlfriend at Meeting [SLIDE SHOW]

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By Gina Pitisci
March 28, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - One state representative is a happy man after taking a big step.

It was a normal meeting for the finance and tax committee in the house of representatives.

Chairman Rep. Ritch Workman, (R) Melbourne, even joked about how boring it was. But, this will probably be one of the most talked about meetings for all of 2013 session.

Near the end, Workman introduced his kids and girlfriend.

Next, another representative made a motion for Workman to marry his girlfriend.

He then had the committee vote on if he should propose to his girlfriend.

With a unanimous decision, he jumped out of his seat and popped the question.

"I knew she'd say yes but right about there, I thought to myself, what if she doesn't?" Workman said.

"There's cameras and people and my best friends are here so I was a bit nervous at the end there and then she didn't say anything and I thought maybe she isn't going to say yes and then she said yes, thank God!"

Workman said despite the nerves, he was able to still pull it all off.

He said he got with the committee beforehand and told them about the big proposal so they would be prepared.

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