State Troopers Out In Full Force For Holiday Travel Season

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Tallahassee, FL- "Really the worst thing that a trooper has to do is show up on a door step, on a holiday night, when you're expecting your loved one to come and it's a trooper or some other law enforcement agency saying that your loved one has departed," said Captain Nancy Rasmussen with the Florida Highway Patrol.

Troopers are diligently making sure no family has to hear those tragic words. For them, that includes cracking down on drinking and driving.

"We're hoping that our added enforcement with the DUI's, with wolf packs and check points that the drivers will stay off the roads," Rasmussen said.

Their extra efforts could pay off. Troopers say so far for this holiday travel period they have not seen an increase in fatal wrecks compared to past years.

"Unfortunately, due to the high volume of traffic, with the millions of people on the roadways, there are going to be some crashes due to the aggressive driving, speeding, all that kind of stuff, but it really hasn't been too bad," she said.

If you still plan on hitting the road for the holidays, troopers say the best way to ensure a safe arrival is to slow down, buckle up and drive sober.

"It's money, it's jail, it's causing devastation to families, to your family, so stay off the roads. If you're drinking and driving, get a designated driver and just stay safe for the holidays," Rasmussen added.

Troopers say they'll have the exact holiday crash statistics sometime after Jan. 2. That's when we'll know if this holiday travel season has been safer than last year's.

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