Governor Scott's Budget Plan Released

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By: Elizabeth Nickerson

Tallahassee, FL - "State workers have gone, since 2006, without a raise and that is far too long," said Doug Martin, the AFSCME Legislative Director.

The American Federation of State, Municipal, and Council Employees in Florida is speaking out aganist Governor Scott's new budget.

The proposed plan can leave more than 3,000 state workers unemployed, but education could be seeing a surplus.

"We wanted to see an increase for teachers," said Jackie Pons, the Leon County Superintendent. In Leon County, we lost 111 million dollars in revenue in 2007, so it's good to finally see some commitment going toward education."

Governor Rick Scott's budget plan can eliminate more than 3,000 state jobs; education can see a 1.25 billion dollar increase; and every school teacher in the state will get a 2,500 dollar raise this year.

"A raise will be there to pay there bills this year, pay their bills next year and also goes intot their retirement income," said Martin.

Even though education is seeing a boost, Pons says, getting rid of jobs is not the answer.

"If the jobs dry up they might have to move away with their children, so we don't need to be getting rid of any jobs," said Pons.

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