State Looks into Barking Tree Frog Becoming a State Symbol

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The barking tree frog may soon be the official amphibian of Florida. The Florida Senate took time from a busy agenda Friday and amid more than a few chirps and some laughter, as well as a few puns, they listened to bill sponsor Senator Steve Oelrich explain why the barking tree frog should be the official state amphibian.

"Listen to this because it is riveting. It is also relatively easy to hold. whereas many toads or frogs will jump out of your hand when you try to hold them, the Barking tree Frog is a very friendly frog," says Gainsville Senator Steve Oelrich.

Oelrich also says, He's hardy, friendly, capable of resting in a persons hand for an extended period of time, with no warts.

The Senate approved the designation 39 to 0. If the designation becomes law, Florida would be the only state to use the Barking Tree Frog as it's official amphibian. The state already has an official pie, flower, reptile and many other official mascots.

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