Store Clerk Robbed at Gunpoint in Pelham

By: Charlene Cristobal
August 11, 2014

PELHAM, Ga. -- "I can't believe this is going on, and I was praying, 'Lord, don't let them shoot.'" Those are the words of Raymond Jones, Jr., a store clerk at Aden's Minit Market in Pelham, GA, who was robbed at gunpoint late Sunday night by two men.

According to the surveillance video we received by Pelham Police, two men entered the store at approximately 10:08 p.m. One stayed in front of the counter while pointing a gun at Jones' head, while the other ran to the back and forced Jones to open the register.

"I actually thought it was a joke because they ran into the door I had locked," said Jones. "When I seen them run into the door, I actually giggled because I'm like, the dum-dum ran into the door. And when the guy started talking, I hesitated because I thought I recognized his voice. But when they come on in with the guns actually in my face, that's when I realized...they were for real. So, I just did what they said and come on out of there."

The Pelham Police Department says they're following a few leads, but right now, there's nothing concrete. That's why officers are asking the public for help.

"We're actively seeking these suspects," said Cpt. Rod Williams with the Pelham Police Department. "Right now, it appears that it was two black male suspects. Approximately, in between, 5'4", 5'8" in height and slender build."

As for Aden's, while workers are prepared if a robbery should happen, right now...they are just hoping for closure.

"I pray they catch them," said store manager Saketha Cooper. "I just don't know why people are doing the things that they are doing now, but I just really hope it would stop."

If you have any information, please call the Pelham Police Department at 229-294-6001.

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