Severe Weather Rips Through Area, How To Prepare For Next Big Storm

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By: Kara Duffy

Thomasville, GA- Heavy wind and rain ripped through Thomasville Wednesday night, taking down several trees and wiping out power to some parts of town. But, officials say the damage could've been much worse.

"I feel like we dodged a bullet," said Captain Steve Jones with the Thomas County Sheriff's Office. "A lot of the heavy winds and the more substantial rain showers kept north of us. We had some trees down, but luckily we didn't have a real wet winter, or we would have had a lot of trees down."

In the event of severe weather, experts at Stony Creek Landscaping say, the best way to protect your family and your property is to plan ahead.

"Anytime you're doing any landscaping, just look up; a lot of people forget to look up," said Matthew Dukes, the director of landscaping and irrigation at Stony Creek. "Make sure you're not planting underneath the power lines. Make sure you're not planting where the trees are going to have to be pruned real hard off of a power line and also make sure you don't plant too close to the house."

They say it's also important to know how to spot a dead tree.

"You can look at the foliage, if the foliage is turning brown, you pretty much know that the tree has a disease or sickness, and also look at the bark. If the bark is coming off the tree, then there's generally something wrong with the tree then"

When that happens, they say it's best to take the tree down, before Mother Nature does it for you.