String Of Vehicle Thefts In Tallahassee

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News Release: Tallahassee Police Department

The Tallahassee Police Department is asking for the community’s help in stemming the tide of vehicle thefts in the area. Over the last thirty days, TPD has taken reports for eighty-one stolen vehicles. This is an 80% increase in auto thefts over this time last year. In several of these thefts, the vehicles were unlocked and/or had a spare key to either that vehicle or a secondary vehicle, which was parked close by. The thieves were able to open the unlocked vehicle, find the key and drive away.

TPD would like to remind our community members to please LOCK YOUR VEHICLE whenever you are going to be away from it, even if it is only for a few minutes. Please consider taking all valuables with you (purses, phones, tablets, laptops etc.) when leaving the vehicle or lock them in the trunk, out of sight from would-be thieves.

TPD has increased its efforts to apprehend those responsible for these auto thefts and burglaries. As a result of the investigative efforts of several investigators, several suspects have been arrested and linked to 24 auto thefts and burglaries but TPD investigators believe there are several other members working as a group to commit these crimes. Anyone with information about these cases is asked to call TPD at (850) 656-5800.

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