String of Resignations, Firings at Leon EMS

By Julie Montanaro
July 31, 2014

Earlier this week, we told you about a string of firings and resignations among medics with Leon County EMS.

Now, two of the paramedics who resigned have been arrested and accused of doing drugs with their children in the car.

Both John Aaron Soskis and Elithea Buckholz were arrested Tuesday, July 29th. Arrest papers say Soskis admitted to buying a pain killer called Dilaudid outside Bill's Mini Mart on Magnolia Drive.

Arrest papers say officers stopped the car nearby and circled it with a
K9. Arrest papers say they found marijuana remnants inside as well as needles and a syringe.

The couple's two small children were in the car too.

Soskis and Buckholz are charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and child neglect.

Arrest papers say Soskis and Buckholz admitted to having a "drug problem."

Both Soskis and Buckholz resigned from Leon County EMS last week. EMS Chief Tom Quillin said neither departure was drug related.

By Julie Montanaro
July 29, 2014

There have been a string of firings and resignations among medics at Leon County EMS.

Last week we broke the story of a paramedic - Justin Becraft - who was fired after supervisors say he overdosed on heroin while on the job.

EMS Chief Tom Quillin now confirms that another paramedic has been fired for failing to notify his boss about an off duty drug charge. Quillin says he has sent a termination letter to the medic, but has not received confirmation yet that he's received it.

Quillin also says three other medics have either been fired or resigned in the past two weeks, but he says those are not drug related.

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