Students Protest Gaza Attacks

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Dozens of students showed up on Florida State's main campus to voice their support of the Palestinians.

Israel has been targeting the Gaza Strip for six days, claiming it as a response to rockets being fired upon them from the Hamas governed region. Hamas is recognized as a terrorist organization by the United States.

96 Palestinians have died, including 24 civilians, but Israel is not waivering from their claim of attacking military targets only.

"The issue is is that Gaza is the most densely populated piece of land in the world. It's one fifth the size of Leon County with 1.6 million people living there. Now I ask you, given that condition, how are you going to differentiate between a military and civilian target," said Gabriel Paez, the organizer for Students for Justice in Palestine.

It seems things are just as divided here at home as they are abroad. Members of the 'Noles for Israel' showed up at the protest to voice their perspectives on the violence.

"This is a very calculated Israeli response to hundreds of rockets fired into Israel...Israel is going to do everything they can to protect their citizens, and minimize the casualties of the citizens of the terrorist organizations that they are pinpointing," said 'Noles for Israel representative Daniel Ackerman.

Both side say they're open to negotiations, but are also preparing for further conflict.

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