Students React To Winston Case

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Story By:James Buechele


Less than a half hour after news broke that Jameis Winston would not face charges of sexual assault, some students were already out supporting their quarterback.

"I mean, Florida State, it's a family," said Blake Davis. "We just got to come together through the hard times and the good times we'll be here with him right now and we'll be there with him in California."

"We're a family here at Florida State man," said Kyle Clark. "That's what we're all about you know we have to come out and support our boys let them do their thing and let us do ours to help them out."

Word around campus spread fast.

"I'm proud that he got off with the case not so much because of football but because of the student that he is and his representation of our community, our Seminole nation," said Gerald Johnson.

As we learn more about the closed case, fans say they now have a chance to look forward to the rest of the season.

"All the facts will come out," said Davis. "I think, as we're talking right now, a lot of the facts are being brought out and I hope that whatever is the truth gets brought to light."

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