Study: Drivers Who Use Their Phones Are More Prone to Risky Behavior Behind the Wheel

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By: Mike Springer
January 26, 2013

Tallahassee, FL-Distracted driving is nothing new.

"Cell phones obviously are a big issue with being distracted, but there's a lot of things that could be a distraction," said driver, Sean Hudson.

" I definitely see people texting and on the phone. They don't even do the speed limit because they're just talking away," said driver, Kellie Rumptz.

But according to a new study conducted by AAA, drivers who use their cell phones when they get behind the wheel are more likely to take on some dangerous driving habits than those who don't .

According to the study, of those who use their cell phones while driving, 65 percent say they also speed, 44 percent say they drove while feeling sleepy and 53 percent say they sent a text or email while driving. Drivers we spoke aren't surprised by the findings.

" It kind of goes along the lines that since they're so use to it, it kind of becomes habitual to them," said Rumptz.

By comparison, those drivers who don't use their phones while driving are significantly less likely to take on some of those dangerous behaviors.

According to the study, only 31 percent of drivers who don't use their phones reported speeding, 14 percent reported driving drowsy and 3 percent reported sending a text or email.

AAA said it surveyed about four thousand U.S. drivers ages 16 and up for the study.

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