Study Examines Progress of Women in Leon County

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Tallahassee, Fl-November 14, 2012

Women make up the majority of Leon County's population. Now a new study is trying to track their progress and quality of life.

The 150-plus page study conducted by the Commission on the Status of Women and Girls examines the progress of women in five key areas: Education, Jobs, Healthcare, Criminal Justice and Leadership.

"I think women are making strides in recent years. But I don't think they are anywhere near their male counterparts," says Brenda Jackson of Tallahassee.

"I think it's better than it use to be but we still have a ways to go," says Henry Johnson of Tallahassee.

According to the report, women still fall short of their male counterparts, especially when it comes to jobs where nearly 60 percent of single moms are unemployed.

Another area where women struggle are gaining positions of leadership-be it political or in the business world. The study says only six women have served as county commissioners since 1978.

"It's a mindset. I know women are seeking them (political office), but just not getting them," says Jackson.

The report says additional study is still needed on the topic and the County has agreed to put forth about $20,000 for more research.

The County conducted the study over the last 18 months.
They have a press conference scheduled for Monday to discuss its findings.

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