Summit to Empower Youth In Leon County

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By: Elizabeth Nickerson
November 9, 2013

Tallahassee, FL--"If you commit a felony when you're a young person, that means you lose your civil rights before you can even obtain them," said a panelist speaking to Leon and Gadsden County teens.

Law enforcement, lawyers and pastors talked some sense to the youth of Leon and Gadsden County, Saturday morning.

One of those panelist is Gregory Hall, president of the Distinguished Young Gentlemen Of America. He is a high school student, but he has always been involved in social issues. He says its personal when he sees teens his age have a record and then can't get a job.

"I've seen many of my peers effected by these misdemeanors, and they didn't know what were misdemeanors," said Gregory Hall, the President of Distinguished Young Gentlemen Of America. "It just hurts me to see people that I know become part of a system that is designed to keep them in it."

"We want them to have all of the information, so that they can make great decisions," said Dorcas Washington, the organizer of the event and president of Delta Sigma Theta Alumnae Sorority. "We don't want a bad decision to effect them in the future."

Dorcas Washington leader of the sorority put it all together. The event attracted almost 300 students from different youth and religious organizations.

The summit had teens gather in groups to hear their thoughts on certain issues and hot topics like 'Stand Your Ground Law.'

"We hear their voice and we continue to hear their voices," said Washington. "We can make sure that are programs and are activities match what they need."

The summit was such a success the sorority is looking to have another one next year.