Superstitions of Friday the 13th

By: Charlene Cristobal
June 13, 2014

Do people seem to be acting a little strange to you? It could be because they suffer from friggatriskaidekaphobia or fear of Friday the 13th (yes, it is a real thing). Or, it could be because it's a full moon?

Friday the 13th is a day commonly associated with bad luck. When you picture it, you probably think black cats and scary masks. But why is it so scary?

Local resident, Vicky Thomas says that ever since she was little, she's been superstitious about Friday the 13th. "When Friday the 13th happens, I try to just stay clear of anything and try not to think that it's even Friday the 13th, because I feel like you read into it. You'll find stuff that's going wrong."

Historians say that the superstition dates back to the 1900s, when Thomas Lawson wrote a book about a stockbroker trying to bring down Wall Street on this day. But, for some people, Friday the 13th is just a day that magnifies their everyday superstitions.

Corey Gaines told us that growing up his grandmother told him that if a cat crossed your car, you have to mark an 'X' on it to keep bad luck away. "Those superstitions just become habit, more so than just being cautious on Friday the 13th," he says "So, every time, even if it's not Friday the 13th, if I see a cat come across the road before my car, I'll still mark the X."

For others, Friday the 13th, isn't so bad. Jerry Ruggless reunited two dogs that were separated as puppies. Chloe and Jaycee, brother and sister, came to the shelter back together and were adopted separately. Chloe was adopted by Ruggless about a year and a half ago. He heard that Jaycee had returned to the shelter and he decided to adopt him also. On this Friday the 13th, after three years apart, these two will go home together.

"Friday the 13th's never been a bad luck day for me," Ruggless says with a smile on his face. "And this one is no exception. I didn't believe in Friday the 13th anyway. This is a good day for me."

The last time Friday the 13th and a full moon fell on the same day was August 13, 2011. The next time it will happen will be August 13, 2049.

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