Survey Shows Despite Spending Cuts, Locals Still Struggle With Savings

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Thomasville, Georgia- August 29, 2012

A new survey by the Georgia Credit Union Affiliates shows 9 in 10 Georgia residents say they've significantly reduced their spending. However, two-thirds of them report they're still living paycheck to paycheck.

"It's hard, especially when you have other mouths to feed other than yourself," said Thomasville resident and job seeker Antwian Jones.

A majority of folks polled said it was their job status that affected their spending most. Something local job seekers can relate to.

"I was in the Marines for six years and I got out and came home and I still can't find no job," Jones added.

Eliminating vacations is one way people said they're cutting costs. However, local travel agents say you don't have to break the bank for a getaway.

"They consider right now off season," said Sheri Horner, owner of Travel Time Travel Agency in Thomasville. "They'll do promotions, throwing in dining for the day for free. Like at SeaWorld right now, if you buy a one day ticket, you get the second day free."

Couponing is another way to save big.

Extreme couponer Kim Weckwert says she saved her family $60,000 this year just in couponing. Weckwert says the internet and Sunday paper offers countless deals.

"When you see a good deal, go ahead stock up and get multiples. When you can save now, you're actually going to be saving in the future by doing that."

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