Survivors Want Memorial for Everglades Jet Crash

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MIAMI -- December 29, 2012

The survivors of a 1972 jetliner crash in the Florida Everglades are trying to raise money for a memorial honoring its victims.

Eastern Flight 401 from New York to Miami crashed Dec. 29, 1972. The cockpit crew had become distracted with a faulty landing gear light and didn't notice that the plane was descending into the Everglades. About 75 people survived, and 101 people died.

Forty years later, the surviving passengers and crew members say it's time for a permanent memorial to honor the dead. They tell the Sun Sentinel that they hope to raise $15,000 for a granite block inscribed with the victims' names.

About 40 crash survivors and their relatives planned to meet Saturday to mark the crash anniversary.

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