Suspect Found In Woods With Samurai Sword

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Press Release: Jackson County Sheriff's Office

On Tuesday June 26, 2013, Deputies with Jackson County Sheriff's Office responded to a 911 call reporting a violent domestic disturbance. When deputies arrived at 5959 Hundred Acre Drive Marianna, they found two people with minor injuries from a domestic dispute that had been physical.

Betty Patrick, who lives at the address of Hundred Acre Drive, reported her son had pushed her down. Larae Huff of Hampton Florida, reported her boyfriend had choked her and thrown her onto the floor.

The suspect in both incidents, Joshua Randal Patrick, who also lives at the Hundred Acre Drive address, had fled the residence on foot.

Department of Corrections K-9 tracking teams were called to assist. Joshua Patrick was found hiding in woods near the home a short time after K-9 teams arrived on scene. Joshua Patrick had armed himself with a samurai type sword but offered no resistance when he was located.

Patrick, age 39, was booked into the County Jail charged with two counts of battery under domestic violence guidelines.

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