Police: Suspected Burglars Caught Breaking Into Elementary School

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Thomas Co. GA - Detective Louis Schofill with Thomasville Police Department reports that 2 men, 17 year old Jacquez Davis and 17 year old Ricardo Williams were caught in the act of breaking into Harper Elementary School in Thomasville, Monday night.

Both were arrested and are being held in the Thomas County Jail.

Police believe the teens are responsible for home and car burglaries in Thomasville and Thomas County dating back to March, 2013.

Close to 20 houses and 10 cars are believed to have been burglarized, though no exact number is known. For this reason, it's unknown how much was stolen.

Investigators say one house alone had 2000 dollars in cash stolen, along with nearly 2000 dollars in jewelry, tv, and stero equipment stolen.

Jacquez Davis and Ricardo Williams are facing about 30 counts of burglary, entering auto, and theft. Ricardo Williams is also being charged with one count of strong armed robbery in an incident reported to have taken place on Loomis Street in Thomasville.

The teens are being cooperative in recovering the stolen items.

The case is still active, and police report that more arrests are anticipated.

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