Suspects Flee Stolen Vehicle in Routine Traffic Stop

Stolen Car Gadsden County
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Florida Highway Patrol Release

Gadsden County, FL - At approximately 7pm, an FHP officer was running stationary radar on County Rd 268 and Little River, when he clocked a vehicle that was traveling at 70 mph in a 45 mph zone.

He then turned around and activated emergency lights and proceeded to make a traffic stop.

At that time, the driver of the vehicle pulled over onto the south shoulder and the driver and one of the passengers, bailed out and proceeded to run southbound into the woods.

FHP K-9 was called and the driver and passenger were tracked through the woods back onto County Rd 268, where the K-9 lost the track.

Another passenger who was picked up earlier for a ride was still at the vehicle which was identified as being stolen. This passenger was not involved with the vehicle being stolen.

Gadsden County Sheriff's Office and Midway Police Department assisted the Florida Highway Patrol with this scene.

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