Demoted Suwannee Educator Has New Job

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By Greg Gullberg
June 04, 2013

Live Oak, FL - A demoted educator has a new job.

Eyewitness News spoke with Gary Caldwell and Superintendent Jerry Scarborough Tuesday. Caldwell is now the Assistant Principal at the high school.

He was demoted from Assistant Principal at the intermediate school to being a teacher at the high school. Then almost 150 people attended last week's school board meeting where many protested.

Caldwell says he's happy with the new lateral position but is still uncertain as to the reason for moving in the first place. And he says he's thankful to Dean of Students Malcolm Hines for requesting he come to work at the high school and to Principal Ted Roush for accepting him.

Superintendent Scarborough would not comment on the reasons for the position changes.


By Greg Gullberg
May 28, 2013

Live Oak, FL - Almost 150 people attended Tuesday's Suwannee County School Board meeting. Most were in support of Gary Caldwell, the former Assistant Principal at Suwannee Intermediate School.

Caldwell is the only black administrator in the schools and he says he was informed by the Superintendent last week he's being demoted to a teacher at the high school.

"You didn't give a reason other than I want to make some changes with my administration team," said Caldwell. "I shared with you I felt that was political. You didn't respond other than repeating what you had said initially. You stood up and reached out to shake my hand. And I said 'Mr. Scarborough, I can't shake your hand on that'. And I exited your office."

"This is not personal against Gary Caldwell," said Superintendent Jerry Scarborough. "And I'm going to make sure at the end of the day, in my opinion as the Superintendent, that I do what's right for the schools. You might not agree with it when it's all over."

At the end of the meeting Superintendent Scarborough announced a special called school board meeting next month with only one agenda item: To vote on the fate of Gary Caldwell. That meeting will come June 25th.

We'll make sure to keep you posted as the story develops.

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