Suwannee School Board To Vote On Reconfiguration Tuesday Night

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By Greg Gullberg
March 11, 2013

Live Oak, FL - We're about to find out whether big changes are coming to a local school system. The vote is Tuesday night. But some residents are stepping forward to say it's a big mistake.

It would be a dramatic change to the way Elementary aged students are taught. The School Board in Suwannee County, Florida will vote on a plan to Reconfigure the schools. But some are worried there will be winners and losers.

"We're afraid that we're going to end up with sub-standard teachers and sub-standard conditions in the schools. And that's exactly what we're concerned about," said Lesley White, Suwannee County NAACP President.

White says the plan will segregate the school system by creating a privileged school, a minority school and one inbetween.

Right now students are divided between three schools by their age. And they change schools almost every two years. The reconfiguration would make all three schools stand alone and teach Pre-K through 5th grade.

White showed us his projections of the racial makeup of each of the schools after reconfiguration. But Director of Curriculum Dawn Lamb, says he's simply mistaken.

"We analyzed the demographics of our current students and where they would be attending and found that those three schools would be equally populated with the various ethnicities, racial demographics and achievement levels," said Lamb.

But White says he knows how he'd like to resolve the whole thing.

"Stay as they are. It's working. The system is working the way it is," White said.

The School Board will vote at Tuesday night's meeting at 6:00. If approved, the reconfiguration will be made over summer break and go into effect next school year.

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