Tallahassee Tactical Unit Talks Strategy

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Tallahassee, FL - Two burglary suspects surrendered to the Tallahassee Police Department's tactical unit Thursday following more than two hours in a standoff.

Antwon Davis, 23, and Vernon Jones, 22, found out the hard way that the TPD's tactical unit was not kidding about not having a way out except in handcuffs. Robert Grasso and Scott Beck have worked for six years with the Unit. Grasso spoke over a new public address system to the suspects during the standoff.

"We will give them verbal commands and verbal directions via the PA and we hope to elicit a response from the individuals to come out," Grasso said.

"It is a better technology," Beck said of the PA System "It does provide more crisp announcements."

Thursday's standoff ended the way many officers hoped for in fact the TAC unit here at Tallahassee trains for this kind of situation twice a month.

"We want everyone to come out of there safely suspects and officers and that's why we do so much training."

It's that training that led to no officers, suspects or civilians getting hurt.

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