TMH Uses New Procedure To Fight Strokes

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There's a new way to help prevent strokes in our area.

Tallahassee Memorial Hospital has recently started the Lariat procedure. The surgery lasts about 90 minutes and is ideal for those with irregular heart beats. For some people that can't take blood thinners, this can reduce their chance of a stroke.

Three surgeries have already been conducted on patients in the area. TMH is the only hospital in north Florida and south Georgia to offer this type of procedure.

"It's a lasso device," said Dr. Farhat Khairallah. "It's a circular device that goes over this tract over that left atrial appendage and we tie it off. This way there is no blood flow into this appendage and nothing is inside the heart."

Tallahassee memorial will be running free stroke screenings on Thursday May 16 from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. Reservation are not required but you are encouraged to call (850) 431-2440.

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