TMH to Open New Freestanding Emergency Center

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Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare officials unveiled a plan
to build a new freestanding emergency center at the corner of
Thomasville Road and the I-10 interchange.

Residents throughout the Big Bend will have more convenient access to emergency care and faster, personalized service coupled with the quality associated with the area's leading health care provider, Tallahassee Memorial Hospital.

"Demand for emergency care in our region is increasing each
year," said G. Mark O'Bryant, President & CEO, Tallahassee Memorial
HealthCare. "Innovative hospitals across the country are using
freestanding emergency centers as a way to improve access and drive down
wait times."

Additionally, the new Tallahassee Memorial Emergency Center -
Northeast will have special features for pediatric and geriatric
patients. This includes a separate entrance and waiting area designed specifically for our pediatric patients. This specialized care for our pediatric and geriatric patients will coincide with the Emergency Center's goal of delivering customized concierge service to all.

"Tallahassee Memorial has a rich history of providing the area's only
specialized care for pediatric patients which includes the only
pediatric intensive care unit and the only certified pediatric emergency
medicine physician in the Big Bend," said O'Bryant.

As the only certified pediatric emergency medicine physician in the
area, Javier Escobar MD, emphasizes that children are not small adults.

"Kids are very different from adults. They come in with fears and they
don't have the understanding that adults have so you really need to
treat children with kid gloves and we take great pride and care to do
that," says Escobar.

The new Northeast Emergency Center will be a place of healing for
patients and their families. "Ultimately, the thing that makes the most
difference to patients is the compassion we show them when they are in the emergency center. We provide a lot of high quality services, we have a highly trained staff and we have a lot of diagnostic equipment, but in the end what matters most to the patient are the caring hands of the person taking care of them," says Sam Ashoo, MD, medical director of the Bixler Emergency Center.

Throughout the course of this project, we will use several forms of
communication to relay information to our community. On our official
website,, we will create a special webpage ( )
dedicated to providing the latest news on the progress of Tallahassee
Memorial Emergency Center - Northeast. The webpage will have a live video stream of the construction site, as well as a blog and other
interactive communication links.

About the New Emergency Center

The Tallahassee Memorial Emergency Center-Northeast will be equipped to handle any emergency situation and built with special consideration for both our pediatric, geriatric patients and their families.

This new facility will be designed with our community in mind,
conveniently located with ample parking and will include the following

All Board Certified Emergency Physicians

State-of-the-art, concierge emergency medicine

Separate Pediatric entrance and waiting area

Emergency areas tailored to meet the needs of senior patients

Environment scientifically designed to reduce anxiety and improve

On-premise laboratory, imaging and diagnostic services

Online pre-registration service

24 hour security, inside and outside, 7 days-a-week

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