TPD Crime Reports: October 22, 2013

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Tallahassee Police Department

Please note: Many of the cases posted are considered “open” and are currently being investigated by TPD. Because of this, the information contained in these posts will be limited in nature as TPD’s top priority is for a timely resolution of the cases and to bring closure for those involved. This is also a “snapshot” of cases and should not be treated as a “complete list.”

Auto Burglary / University Green 1956 Ann Arbor Avenue / 2:02am
We are grateful we got a call from responsible neighbors about two males breaking into vehicles in the apartment complex. The two bad guys ran away as the officers arrived. Although I was asleep in my kennel, my K-9 partners and their handlers- Officers Smith, Edwards and Martin all worked together to catch them both. And thanks to our citizens, who were able to give us a hand and identify them. Two woofs to the Leon County Sherriff’s Office for allowing us to track in and out of their jurisdiction.

Victim: B/M
Arrestee: Keenon Dewitt Coker, b/m, 4/10/95
Arrestee: Dwight Wilson, b/m, 3/24/94
Charges: Burglary of a conveyance, resisting arrest without violence.

Trespassing After Warning / 1300 Miccosukee Road (TMH) / 1:15am
This one gets 3 out of 5 WOOFS for silliness: TMH security called TPD after finding a young white male lying down in the parking garage entrance & exit area. This very "tired" bad guy was lying down on his back in the exit lane, preventing traffic from leaving the parking garage. The security guard tried several times to get him to leave the area but he refused. The “Boy’s in Blue” arrived and saved the day, allowing cars to leave the garage- Meanwhile, Mr. “poor decision maker” was arrested for trespassing after warning and given a ride in a shiny police car to the jail.
Arrestee: Daniel Thiel, w/m, 06-04-1992
Charges: Trespass After Warning

We had another armed robbery at South MLK Blvd. and Palmetto St. around 3:32am…If you know anything about this; give us a bark at (850) 891-4200. Here’s a quote from an old retired dawg- “Nothing good happens at 3:30 in the morning, so if you’re out and about be careful and travel like me- stay in your pack.”

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